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We have an external company to take care of our tree work and landscaping needs : EZ Trees

They are a professional company that has been with us for many years and always make sure that a great job has been done.…

22 Mar, 2016 michiganfsbohomes

Actual Transportation Company To look Into For Your Vacation


  • Airport Express
    Phone: 415.775.5121
    Fare: $17.00
  • American Airporter Shuttle
    Phone: 415.202.0733
    Fare: $17.00
  • Go Lorrie’s Airport Shuttle
    Phone: 415.334.9000
    Fare: $17.00
  • Pacific Airport Shuttle
    Phone: 415.681.6318
    Fare: $17.00
  • Peter’s Airport Shuttle
    Phone: 650.577.8858
    Fare: $18.00
  • Quake City Shuttle
    Phone: 415.255.4899
    Fare: $17.00
  • San Francisco City Shuttle
    Phone: 888.850.7878
    Fare: $16-17.00
  • SuperShuttle
    Phone: 800.258.3826
    Fare: $17.00


No matter what transportation you arrive on, you will be greeted with complete hospitality as soon as you walk through the door. Our guest services will provide you with a complete hassle-free experience from the moment you check-in to the moment you check-out. We look forward to accommodating you, and wish you a safe journey.…

9 Feb, 2016 michiganfsbohomes

Travel Tips – San Francisco Airport Transportation Options

San Francisco Airport Transportation Options


Whether you are heading to San Francisco on business, to see the sights or to take a well deserved break there are several different options for you to consider when heading from the airport to your hotel. To travel approximately 15 miles in a taxi from the airport can cost anywhere between $45-60.00 including tip and the airport surcharge, which is added on nearly every taxi service’s start up rate.


There are also charter companies whose services generally have to be prearranged before you travel, along with limousines for hire. Transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft rely on the possibility that there is a driver within a reasonable distance from the airport to pick you up.


While their services are generally cheaper than that of a taxi’s, using shuttles from the airport is generally one of the most cost effective ways to reach your hotel without breaking too far into your travel budget.


Unless you are willing to attempt to navigate your way through public transit, that is. Using any of the following airport shuttles to reach your destination will generally cost within the bracket of $16-18.00 and provide you with reasonable comfort without the hassle of calling ahead to order a charter or paying the high cost of a taxi ride.…

9 Feb, 2016 michiganfsbohomes